Welcome everyone!! — This is just a place to talk about everything Skyrim.


30 responses to “Skyrim

  1. I wanted to post a pic of my Skyrim character, but since I can’t play until my new console arrives, I won’t be able to get a pic. So… let’s see WHO/WHAT you are playing.

    Post a pic of your character and label the Race & Name… cool? Cool.

  2. I finally got my replacement PS3 and am able to play again. I will get a pic of my character today at some point .

    As promised, my Skyrim Character, Wraythe. Currently a level 25 Dark Elf.

    My main Skyrim Avatar

  3. I have a pic on my phone. I’ll have to take a new one with low res, upload it to my email, then upload it again. Is there a way to get a username without signing up for a blog?

    • Thank you very much sir!

      My goal was to start a little more “private” area for anyone who wanted to discuss Skyrim (or whatever else) in a more private fashion away from GG. Doesn’t mean we stop posting there though… heh heh.

      Thanks for visiting! Have a look around 😉

  4. Cool! I don’t believe I’ve encountered any Ancient Dragons. I’m sure I would have noticed if I had… heh heh. I did do away with a Skeletal Dragon… he was kind of a push over.

  5. That’s pretty funny about hitting the dead dragons with fireballs. I hate it when you are in the middle of a fight with one and you somehow hit a guard and they want to take you jail as soon as you have slayed the dragon for them! Ingrates!

  6. I can’t find anywhere to be able to allow visitors to upload pics. I guess you have to link them… *sigh* … if anyone wants to post a pic, you can send it to this blogs email: TheeUnseen(at)theeunseen(dot)net. and I can send you the link or just upload it to the Photobucket page.

      • Oh… well, my actual Dark Elf character has one red eye… so I was trying to make myself mimic him, though he has a face tattoo that I didn’t feel like painting on my face.

    • Freaky. We look alike. I just started playing Skyrim and made my character a dark elf. I plugged in Dark Elf to look up hints and up popped your photo. My Facebook image is my face in a blue light. Small world. I even have a similar gotee.

      • That is freaky. Then again, gamers share similar tastes sometimes.

        How do you like Skyrim so far? I’ve since “finished” the game (the main quests anyway). I had to pull myself away to get back to a somewhat normal life… heh heh. I can’t wait until the first DLC.

  7. I see the crickets have moved in already -lol That’s ok… I need to find a better chat application anyway.
    No… what I really need to do is finish my “Official” website and put a blog/chat app on there.

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