A bit of Micro-Fiction Horror

Inhumation, by SL Sullivan

Dreams. Dreaming of emptiness, darkness, of walls closing in. Constriction. The air getting heavier. Breath becoming more arduous, invisible hands tightening around my throat. Incapacitated. Muscles unable to function. Limbs, like cement, not accepting my commands to actuate. Resonance. Feeling the faint sounds of tears and of prayer. The pounding of multiple sized objects striking a wooden covering above. Becoming heavier from head to foot, then ceasing. Silence. Silence so deep, my thoughts become amplified in my mind. Time. This is the end. My body convulses in an attempt to breathe in the last particles of air. I lay motionless.

©SL Sullivan 2013


Happy Halloween From TheeUnseen!

Hello, Ween!

A Tale from TheeUnseen

October thirtieth, around dusk, Holly peers out her window and grins. She has never been a fan of Halloween. She doesn’t decorate and she doesn’t pass out treats, except this year. This year is different. You see, Holly’s last name is Ween. Yes, that would be Holly Ween. She has had to live with the abuse of that name all her life, even as an adult. At age eighteen she moved out of this “small shit-hole of a town”, her words, not mine. She actually did well for herself, ironically, as the current CEO of the biggest Halloween Novelties Store in the Eastern US. Her folks passed recently and as the only child, she inherited their house. The house was a large two story that sat alone at the end of a dead-end street. She decided that she could use a much needed vacation and went back to her old home town to stay at the house for a while. No one knew that she came back and that’s exactly the way she wanted it. Being back there reminded her of why she left and revenge began to boil in her stomach. She planned a pre-Halloween or “Devil’s Night” party, for her so called ‘friends’ that hurt her the most, when she was younger. There were five in specifc that she wanted there.

The first to arrive to the party was Thomas Fullery. Next was Cil LeNess, followed by Lou Nacy. Unfortunately, Iris Ponsable and Horace Plaey did not show. According to the invitations, they were to enter the front door and take a seat in the foyer, which was very large, and wait for thier host. Two sets of stairs formed a sort of semi-circle around the foyer and met at a large balcony that overlooked them. None of them knew who currently owned the house and not one of them recognized Holly as she made her appearance at the balcony.

From behind a black veil, she said, “Welcome.”

The five guests, startled, swung around to look up at her. Holly was silhouetted against the candles behind her. The guests squinted to try and make out their mysterious host.

“Welcome to my little soiree. Please take a seat in the family room, seats are assigned.” She instructed.

The guests, giggling, entered the family room and took their seats. Once they were all seated, Holly entered the room. She moved around to the back of the room and flipped a switch on the wall. Instanly, like in some horror movie, metal shackles swung around the guests wrists and ankles, locking them in. Some of the guests chuckled, some gasped, Cil screamed. She looked around at everyone else, realizing she had made a fool of herself and began to laugh, stating, “I got you all!” She was lying of course. Holly moved to Cil and patted her on the head and then exited the room. Holly returned holding a tray with two tumblers on it. She placed it down in front of Cil and said,

“We’re going to play a little game. You get to choose which glass you drink and which one I drink. One is poisoned, one is not.”

All the guests looked back and forth at each other making “whooing” sounds, to show that they are pretending to be scared. Cil smiled, but you could see the nervousness in her face. She then nodded to the glass on the right. Here eyes darted back and forth at the others. Holly placed a straw in the chosen tumbler and moved it closer to Cil. Cil leaned forward and sipped through the straw. She was about halfway through when she jolted back and began making choking sounds. The guests eyes widened. Cil smiled and winked. Everyone had a laugh and Cil finished her drink. She looked at Holly and said,

“Your turn Mystery guest.”

Holly smiled and gulped down her drink, knowing it was not poisoned. Thomas Fullery blurted out,

“You’re going to have to do much better than that to scare us!”

“Patience my dear.” Holly replied.

Holly took out blind-folds and put them on everyone except Cil. She then placed headphones on each of them. Cil began to turn pale. Holly lifted her veil and asked, “Do you recognize me?”

Cil contorted her face, quizzically, then replied. “Holly. Holly Ween?” Cil choked.

Holly smiled and nodded affirmatively. She then leaned on her elbows, staring dead into Cil’ eyes. She ‘booped’ her nose and commented, “Congratulations Cil. You are correct. It is me, Holly and now you die.”

Cil half smiled when she choked again. She tried to speak, but her tongue was swollen. Her throat closed up and Cil gasped for any little bit of air she could. It was pointless. She couldn’t breathe. Her face began to turn purple as her eyes bugged out, then she fell forward. Dead.

Holly moved over towards Lou Nacy and removed the headphones and blindfold. Lou squinted a couple of times to adjust his eyes to the light. He looked around and saw Cil hunched over. He gasped, then laughed slightly.

“Oh, I see.” Lou said with half a chuckle. “You can stop pretending Cil”

“Pretending?” Holly questioned as she moved back behind Cil and yanked her head upright. “Pretending what?”

Lou’s smile diminished. His eyes widened in terror. From behind her back, Holly pulled out a knife and pulled open Cil’s mouth. She smiled at Lou as she sawed back and forth at Cil’s tongue until it fell off. Holly then placed it on a tea plate and placed it down in front of Lou. He choked up a bit of vomit as he stared at the entree before him. He looked up at Holly as if to ask, what next?

“It’s dinner time for you, Lou.” She said while she began to slice the tongue like a rib-eye.

Lou was shaking, almost convulsing in a way. He was speechless. Holly stabbed the first piece of raw Cil tongue and brought it towards Lou’s mouth. He moaned and shuddered as he turned his head away. Holly grabbed his jaw and forced his mouth open as she shoved the juicy, dripping slice of tongue in. She closed his mouth, put the knife to his throat and said “Eat it, or DIE!” Squirming in his seat and squishing his face in all sorts of weird ways, he slowly chewed his friends tongue. “Good boy”, Holly said as she jabbed at another piece and shoved it into his mouth. She repeated this until Lou was choking on bits of tongue. Like Cil before him, he gasped for air. Holly held his mouth shut so he could not spit out any of it. Lou throttled back and forth and then collapsed, lifeless against the table.

Holly was enjoying this. Maybe a little too much, but she didn’t care. This is what she wanted for many, many years. Now over to Thomas. She pulled the headphones off only. She taunted him by gliding her finger over his cheeks. “I know you used to have a crush on me many years ago.” Holly commented. “Oh really?” replied Tom. “I never had a crush on anyone.” He said smugly. “Oh, but you did. You just didn’t want anyone else to know you liked the weird girl with the weird name.”

There was a moment of silence as she let that sink in. “Wait, is this… ?” He paused again and smiled a disturbing smile. “Hello Ween.” Tom finished with a sort of evilness in his voice.

“That’s correct Thomas.” Holly said as she climbed onto the table and seated herself directly in front of him. She then pulled off his blindfold and tossed it aside.

“My my, Ween, haven’t we become quite the seductress.” Tom drooled out as he stared at the beauty before him. Holly slowly began moving her dress up her legs. Tom was too busy being the pervert he was, to notice Cil and Lou. He began to sweat with anxiety as she hiked her dress slowly along her thighs. A sinister smile formed on his face, a smile that Holly remembers all too well.

“A little further?” She taunted.

“Yes, oh yes.” Tom panted.

Holly slid her dress the rest of the way up, revealing her complete nakedness. Tom’s eyes seemed as though they would pop out of his skull. Drool actually formed on his extended tongue. For the life of him, he had no idea why she was doing this, but honestly, he did not care.

“Go ahead Tom. It is all for you.” She coaxed.

Tom glanced up, then without hesitation, he leaned in and began treating himself to Holly’s secrets.

Holly moaned passionately. She exhaled the usual, “Oh, yes, oh yes, that’s it.” jargon, although she wasn’t completely turned on. That is, until she wrapped her thighs around his head and forced him tightly against her pleasure portal. Tighter and tighter she squeezed. Her heels digging into the back of his head. Tom’s body began to quake violently. His wrists held tight with the buckles on the chair, he struggled to break free. He could not comprehend what was happening now. Tom was beginning to suffocate. He tried desperately to drawn in air, but all he could inhale was Holly’s nectar of death. The more he shook and convulsed, the more Holly felt herself reach maximum satisfaction.

Holly screamed a wail of pleasure as she reached her completion, she fell back and lied on the table, releasing her death grip on Tom. A very dead Tom. The last words she spoke before passing out were, “Be careful who you bully. You don’t know what they’re capable of.” She smiled and drifted into a peaceful and fulfilled sleep.

The End

© SL Sullivan 2013

New story: Death Traingle

“Death Triangle”

Another Tale from TheeUnseen

by SL Sullivan


The internet is a funny thing. It’s is chock full of accurate and inaccurate information. It provides hours of entertainment, whether it be watching movies, listening to music or watching morons crush their balls. It also provides an easier means of contacting friends, creating new ones and even finding relationships. Stop. That is where we are at the moment. Relationships. This can be a very serious ordeal. And some of the relationships may actually blossom into something wonderful. We aren’t going to talk about any of the previous. What this story is about is a man, who had established a relationship that became a love triangle, that ended in disaster.


Simon was at his desk doing his usual blogging. There was the sound of a light chime from his speakers. It was a Friend-Space notification that someone had messaged him. He clicked on the corresponding tab and saw that the message was from Karen. Karen was a woman that he had only met once, a little over a year ago. They have been Friend-Space friends ever since. They were both enthusiasts of Medieval and Fantasy conventions and tried to attend all they could. The problem was that they were always missing each other since that first time. As disheartening as this was, Simon would brush it off and just hope for the next time. Karen on the other hand was heartbroken. Ever since their first meeting, she could not wait to see Simon again. Just to be near him. Take in his smile and stare deeply into his eyes while he went on and on about, well, she didn’t care what he talked about.


Simon lived alone. He was still married, but his wife couldn’t handle all the convention madness and left him. At first, he was devastated. But recently he had met another woman who was also an enthusiast and they hit it off almost immediately. Her name was Amanda. She was, for all intents and purposes, attractive and still held most of her college figure. Amanda recently broke up with her boyfriend and when she met Simon, she told him she was not ready to jump back into the mix. Simon was fine with this. He mostly enjoyed spending time with her sharing similar interests.


Almost exactly one year from the first convention Simon and Karen met, they finally were able to make it to a con at the same time. Karen’s face lit up when she saw Simon. She ran over and gave him a big, warm hug. He was ecstatic to see her again as well. They talked for a while, but they also wanted to mingle with their other friends. Karen walked around and talked to others as well, but she couldn’t keep her eyes off of Simon. Everywhere he wondered, her eyes followed. Karen was also friends with Amanda. They talked for a bit, but there was no mention of Simon throughout the conversation. The day after the event, once again, Karen was on Friend-Space with Simon. They talked and talked about the con and more. Karen felt her heart pounding. She didn’t want to stop talking to Simon. She wanted to tell him how she felt, but was afraid she would lose him as a friend. This went on for a couple of weeks. Every night, Karen felt closer and closer to Simon, but he didn’t see it. She tried to tell him in little subtle ways how she felt. Throwing out little hints here and there in almost every conversation, but he just wasn’t picking up on it. This, drove Karen insane.


One night it finally happened. Karen was talking to Simon about her marriage and how things were not the same as they once were. Her husband was a gambler. He had gambled away all their savings, given up all hope on winning and became nothing more than a layabout. This is why Karen so desperately wanted to be with Simon. Simon brought the fun back. She doesn’t know if she was in love with him or just how he made her feel. But that was all it took. During their talk, it came out that Simon had been seeing Amanda. Karen was hurt. She felt like her whole world had just imploded. Knowing it was too late, she decided to tell Simon how she had felt about him anyway. This seemed almost like a pointless crusade, but she wanted him to know. Of course Simon was surprised by the news, but it changed nothing. He simply did not feel the same for her.


She sadly closed up her conversation with Simon, telling him that she was fine with just remaining friends. Though, this was a lie. She went to bed and tried to sleep but could not. Her heart was racing with hatred for Amanda. “How could this happen?” she thought out loud. Her husband lay out in the living room, television on, drinking away and she was getting angrier with each breath. She jumped out of bed, pacing the floor. Back and forth, back and forth, the floor creaking with each step. Each step becoming more and more violent. The rage built in her. She stopped. She sat down with an evil grin upon her face. She planned and she schemed.


The next event was only a week away. She knew Simon and Amanda would be there. She started on a new costume the next morning. Something different than her usual, flirty somewhat revealing costumes. This time, she created one for war. She went out to the garage and found some pieces of tin and other miscellaneous items she needed and began banging away at some armor. After a couple of days, she formed chest plates, as well as thigh and arm plates. She constructed a small helm with a visor. Once the armor was ready, she needed the clothing to wear under it. Black pants, shirt and a pullover nylon head cover. She found some black leather gloves and a pair of black shoes. The costume was almost complete. “No good Knight would be caught without their weapons.” she thought to herself and went off to collect what she needed.


It was the day of the event. Karen gathered up her costume and placed it in her van. She drove out to the grounds where the event was being held. She parked in the far side of the lot which gave her a great view of all the grounds and it’s attendees. She then moved to the back of her van and prepared. Once ready, she climbed back into the front seat with binoculars in hand. She surveyed the events grounds for Simon. She found him, but there was no sign of Amanda. She hopped out of the van and started towards the fairgrounds. When Karen was approximately twenty yards away, she spotted Amanda, moving towards Simon and falling into his arms. If there was any hope left in Karen’s soul, it had all just been flushed away and replaced with nothing but pure rage.


Karen stopped. She pulled her short swords from her sides. This time, the swords were not the usual wooden copies, but solid steel, twenty-two inch blades. Hatred now controlled her actions as she made her way towards the couple with a vengeance. One man, donning a similar costume stepped towards her. He started to compliment her on her own costume, but was cut short when a razor sharp object penetrated him from under his chin, moving straight up through the roof of his mouth. Karen removed the weapon from the unfortunates face and looked around for Simon. She noticed a woman, frozen in terror, not more than five feet away. The woman opened her mouth to scream, but was greeted with excruciating pain as she saw a silver blur pass by her neck. The only sound she was able to manage was a gurgling mess, as blood poured from her throat.


Moving further towards Simon and his bitch, she noticed a family looking on. The father vomited, the mother passed out, the little boy, assuming this was all part of the event, smiled and jumped up & down shouting, “Do me, do me!”. Karen obliged, slamming the poor kid down with the hilt of her sword, knocking him out cold. “Fucking kids!” she growled under her mask.


She surveyed the area. The crowd was now aware of the violence that has ensued. Everyone scurried around in panic, most not even knowing what was going on, only that something was horrifying everyone else into chaos. As Karen moved through the crowd, she sliced and diced anyone who crossed her path. Leaving a trail of bodies now mounting to over twenty. She was determined to exact her revenge. Simon was hers and she would stop at nothing to make that happen. Even if she had to slaughter everyone at the event. She was getting very irate. There were too many people. She lost sight of Simon and his wench. “Need to clear the area. Need to clear out these imbeciles.” She thought to herself and she drove one of her blades through the gut of a fat man running by her. She almost laughed as his intestines spilled out all over the ground and landed with a wet splat. Almost.


Blades swinging around her like a tornado, Karen performed a sort of ‘death dance’ as more people fell and more blood sprayed like geysers all over. After clearing out enough of the simpletons, she finally spotted the irreverent couple. Focused, she headed straight towards them. Simon was holding Amanda tight in his arms. They spotted Karen heading directly to them. They did not know what to do. Simon wanted to run, but Amanda was frozen stiff with fear. Karen stopped a few feet from them. “Please. Please don’t kill us.” Simon stuttered. Karen reached up and pulled off her helm and mask, dropping them to the ground. Sweat present on her face, mangled her hair. Her face was contorted with evil and hatred. “Ka… Karen?” Simon blurted. Karen did not respond. She just stood, breathing heavy, eyes glued on Amanda. “What are you doing? Why… all of this? Simon questioned. Karen held her blades on either side of her, at hip level. Simon could see the anger in her eyes. He could see that she was completely fixated on Amanda. “Karen? What are you going to do? Please, don’t hurt us.” Karen only said one thing before drawing back both swords and thrusting them forward towards Amanda. “He’s mine bitch!”


Karen withdrew her weapons. She stood, blood covering her hands and blades. She watched as the body slumped to knees and then fell backwards, lifeless. Karen dropped to her knees as well, still gripping her swords tight. She stared at the body in front of her. Amanda screamed, horrified as she stared at Simon lying on the ground. Sirens filled the background air. Karen, both furious and distraught, cried, “Why? Why did you move in front of her. It was supposed to be us. Just us.” In the distance she could hear voices over a loud speaker. She couldn’t register what they were saying. Wiping the tears and sweat from her face she stood, dumbfounded. “Drop your weapons and get on the ground, face down!” Came the voice over a speaker. This was nothing more than static in Karen’s head. She looked around her. Amanda was gone. She wanted to finish what she came here to do, but it was too late now.


Red and blue lights flashed over Karen’s face and armor. There were police, guns drawn, forming a semi-circle around the fair grounds. Her mind was completely empty now. “DROP YOUR WEAPONS!” came the voice again. She raised both of her swords and took a step towards the police. She felt pressure in her left shoulder, throwing it backwards. Then again in her abdomen. Then another and another. There was no pain, only the sound of impact as bullets made contact with her body. She continued towards the cops for as long as she could. Karen, riddled with lead, finally fell to the ground. Her heart was beating slower now. Blood poured from several holes throughout her body. The cops moved in on her. The last thing they heard her breathe was, “Simon, I’m coming.”



The End

© SL Sullivan

Story collaboration! Writers wanted!

Over at Death Throes Webzine facebook we are having a story collaboration for any and all writers who would like to participate.

We’ve already finished part one of the store which you can read HERE.

To add to part two of the story, just click on the following link…

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Please join us and have fun!!

New story…

A new story is coming soon. It’s another entry into the Death Throes Webzine Halloween edition contest!

If you’d like to enter, you can find the rules on the Death Throes Webzine  facebook page

Prizes for the top three stories!!

Crawlspace [Unedited Podcast Script]

Tales from THEEUnseen


Episode 1


As punishment for some trouble they got into, Morgan and Nash, brother and sister in their teens, were cleaning their basement. As they moved some boxes around, they noticed a small window about 4 feet off the ground. Neither one of them has ever seen this window in the little over sixteen years they’ve lived there.

What is that?” Nash asked.

It’s a window dummy.” Morgan replied.

But, where does it goI mean, we are in the basement. There’s nothing but dirt on the other side of these walls.” Nash said.

Morgan shrugged and then went over to the window. She noticed a latch that appeared to be recently used, holding the window closed. She tried to move it, but it wouldn’t budge.

Go get me that small crowbar off Dad’s workbench.” She instructed.

Nash went over to the workbench and grabbed the small crowbar. He brought it back to Morgan, asking, “What are you going to do?”

Really?” Morgan stated. “Ehh, you can be so ridiculous sometimes. I’m going to try and open it, silly.”

Nash looked at her puzzled and then asked, “Should we? We’re already in enough trouble and have to clean down here. I don’t want to get into more trouble.”

Look,” Morgan started, “Mom and Dad aren’t home. We just open it and take a look. That’s all. Then we’ll close it back up and no one will know, OK?”

Thinking about this for a minute, Nash finally agreed. Morgan took the crowbar and wrenched the lever free. “Ready?” she asked as she handed Nash the crowbar. Nash nodded in agreement. “Let’s see what’s behind this window then.” Morgan finished as she grabbed the handle and began to pull.

Episode 1


The window swung open with a loud crack sound and Morgan fell backward. She noticed a hook above the window where it could be locked onto to hold it open and did just that. She peered into the open window, but could see nothing but darkness. She went over to the workbench, found two flashlights and came back to the window. She handed one to Nash and turned on the other.

Nash asked, “Why do I need flashlight?”

Morgan let out a loud sigh and replied, “Because we’re going to go in and explore.”

And before Nash could say another word, Morgan was pulling herself up and through the window into the unseen. Expecting to be crawling along a dirt tunnel, Morgan was surprised to find that the crawlspace felt smooth and hard, like it was made of wood. She also was shocked to find that it was not dusty from years of neglect. She looked back and yelled to Nash, “You coming!”

Nash replied, “Ahh, I’m not sure.”

Come on you big chicken! There’s nothing to be afraid of in here!” Morgan yelled back. “I’m in front anyway!

Reluctantly Nash pulled himself up into the window. As he slid his feet in, his shoelace got caught on what appeared to be some sort of lever. He gave his foot a strong tug and the shoelace broke free. As it did so, the lever flung around and the window slammed shut!

What did you do?” Morgan screamed at him.

By this time, Nash had already turned around and began pushing on the window. It wouldn’t move. Morgan crawled up beside him. “Here, let me try.” And she gave the window a good shove, but still, it would not budge at all. “Are we trapped?” Nash asked shakily. “Well, sort of. We can see if this tunnel leads to a way out.” Morgan said. Nash looked at her, then down the pitch black tunnel, then back at Morgan. “Ok.” is all he could say with the fear strangling his voice. “Well, let’s get moving.” Morgan directed. “I’ll lead.”

Episode 1


Morgan, flashlight pointed out ahead, led the way through the tunnel. There wasn’t much to see, it was indeed all made of wood. The tunnel itself was about three foot in height by maybe, three and a half foot wide. She looked at her watch and saw that they have been crawling for about ten minutes. She peered into the darkness ahead and could see no end in sight. From approximately five feet behind,

Nash said, “Can you see anything?”

Yeah,” Morgan replied smugly, “A lot of dark.”

Funny.” Nash replied and they kept moving.

After another ten yards or so ahead, Nash heard Morgan yelp and saw her flashlight’s glow disappear. “Morgan!” he cried out. No answer. He called for her again, still there was no reply. Nash froze. He didn’t know what to do know. Should he push on and see if he could find her? Should he go back to the window and bang on it until help came? After sitting there thinking about it for a couple minutes, he heard a moaning sound from ahead. He wasn’t completely certain, but it did sound a little like Morgan. He decided that he had to see if she was alright. Nash cautiously crawled onwards, feeling his way as he moved. After a few feet, he felt the tunnel drop off. This is when he realized that Morgan probably didn’t catch it in time and fell.

He called for again. “Morgan, are you down there?”

A moment passed and finally Morgan replied, “Of course I am, I can’t float.”

Nash just growled at her. “Come on down. I feel a ladder against the wall.” Nash felt around and did find the top rung of the ladder. He climbed down the ladder for what seemed like at least ten feet. He got to the bottom and shined his flashlight around finding Morgan over by what appeared to be a door.

Come here.” She said.

Are we going through there?” Nash asked.

Do you see any other way out?” Morgan snapped back.

Nash searched the strange room. But other than the four by four foot shiny black tiles that made up the walls and the ladder that lead to the crawlspace, there was no other exit than the door. With a heavy sigh,

Nash stated, “I guess not.” And with that, Morgan began to pull on the heavy wooden door.

Episode 1


Morgan grasped the large handle and leaned all her weight backwards. The door was very heavy, but it finally began to open.

Don’t just stand there, give me a hand!” Morgan loudly whispered to Nash.

They both pulled on the door until it was fully open. The door had to be at least six to eight inches thick. As they climbed out from behind the large wooden monstrosity, they saw that it opened into a large hallway.

Well,” Morgan began, “At least we don’t have to crawl down this one.”

Nash agreed. Flashlights in hand, they began walking down the large hallway. After some time, they realized that the passageway was actually headed downwards, and it grew colder the further they traveled. They then noticed a small amount of illumination from the rock walls. As if some of the rocks were glowing. Morgan shut off her flashlight and instructed Nash to do the same. As they did, the hallway began to glow with a purple and blue hue.

Isn’t it beautiful?” Morgan asked.

It’s cool I guess.” Nash replied.

Morgan reached out to try and feel the glowing stones, but as soon as she made contact the entire hallway went dark.

What happened?” Morgan said with sadness in her voice. “I just wanted to see if they gave off any warmth.” After turning his flashlight back on, Nash busted out in laughter,

You touched them and they died!” he laughed even harder now. “You’ve, you’ve got the touch of death!” he scoffed between breaths. His amusement was interrupted by a slap to the back of the head and a loud, angry, “Hmph!” as Morgan began walking down the hallway, leaving her younger brother standing there, rubbing the back of his head.

Episode 2


Turning on his flashlight, he saw that Morgan was several feet down the passage from him now. He started to walk at a faster pace to catch up to her, when he heard, “Nash! Get down here quickly!” Nash broke into a jog and made his way to Morgan. He pointed his flashlight at her, asking what all the fuss was about, when she lifted her hand and showed him a ring. “That’s… that’s my Hero ring!” He shouted. “Gimme that!” he demanded snatching the ring out of her hand. “I loved this ring.” he said with a smile on his face. “I lost this, years ago. I looked everywhere for it and never found it! I even asked mom to get me a new one and she wouldn’t. Made me upset. I never forgot about this ring. Where did you find it?” He was all giddy with childhood memories and then realized Morgan was looking at him strangely. “Um, I mean, it’s cool. It doesn’t mean anything to me now, of course. I’m too old for childish toys like this.” Morgan just smirked and turned to continue walking. As she did so, Nash secretly put the ring on his finger and followed her. Another few yards and the hall began to turn to the left. It was going deeper downwards in a spiral. The further they descended; they began to notice a greenish glow all around them. “Ahh… Morgan.” Morgan stopped. “What is it now?” she asked. “Umm, my ring is glowing.” She looked over at him and saw that his ring was indeed glowing. In fact, it was glowing a very bright green. “How long has it been doing that?” She asked. “It started faintly a little way back, but it just got this bright now. It’s not supposed to do this.” Nash informed her. “Well it is, so let’s save our batteries and turn off the flashlights.” Morgan instructed. “You lead.” Nash, somewhat scared, held his arm out in front of him pointing the ring ahead, began walking as Morgan followed behind.

Episode 2


The two teens made their way down the spiral passage and arrived at the bottom which now opened into a large cavern. There was light down here, but from no particular source. The area was just illuminated almost magically. They both stood there in awe combing the entire cavern with their eyes. [Water drop SFX] They could hear water droplets somewhere, echoing off the walls. But that wasn’t surprising, seeing as how they were very deep underground now. They could also hear what sounded like a stream. [Stream SFX] The glowing of Nash’s ring began to fade now as the cavern was well lit. Morgan began to search around for the stream and saw a small wooden bridge about five yards away. It was like one of those cute little bridges you see in magazines, the little wooden ones that are arched. As she approached it, she saw a glimmer at the crest of it. When she arrived at the bridge she saw that there was a shiny disk on it. It looked like a CD. She picked it up, turned it over and saw that it was one that she lost just last year. [Cavern echo SFX to voice] “Nash!” She hollered. “Check this out!” There was no reply. “Nash?” she called again. “N-A-A-a-a-s-h!” Still there was no reply. Carrying the CD, she started back to where she last left him and noticed footprints leading away to the left, or her right. She followed the prints as they led right into a cave opening. Turning on her flashlight, she entered the cave.

Episode 2


As Morgan walked deeper into the cave, she could smell, “Chocolate?” She continued on, seeing a green glow ahead, she assumed it was Nash and his kiddy ring. She was correct. She turned the corner and there was Nash, but more surprisingly, there was Nash sitting at a large wooden table, eating a chocolate bar. “Oh, Morgan, come on over. Sit down and have a candy bar. We need our nourishment you know.” He said with a smile. “What, what is all this?” Morgan questioned as she looked around at the collection of all types of candy, though mostly chocolate. Nash shrugged as he took another bite. Upon closer inspection, Morgan realized that it was, “Halloween candy?” she said with a suspicious tone. “Nash, stop eating that!” she exclaimed as she knocked the chocolate bar from Nash’s hand. “Hey!” Nash jolted, “I wasn’t finished with that!” Morgan snarled, “Do you know how old some of this is? This is Halloween candy. More specifically, OUR Halloween candy, from all the years past! Who knows how old some of this is. Anytime I thought you stole my candy or you thought I stole yours, this is where it ended up! So, stop eating it, you’re gonna get sick from this junk.” Nash just looked at her with a questioned look. “What are you talking about?” he asked. “This candy tastes like it just came fresh from the factory. Here, try one.” He said as he handed Morgan a chocolate bar. She pushed his hand away and said, “No way. That bar could be 8 years old for all either one of us knows.” He opened the wrapper and told her to smell it. She leaned forward and took a sniff of the chocolate. It smelled fresh enough she thought to herself. She then took the bar from his hand and sniffed it again. She looked at him, then took a very, very small bite off the corner. Morgan swooshed the bite around in her mouth for a little, before swallowing it. She smiled. “Oddly enough, this tastes as fresh as the day it was made!” she exclaimed as she took another, much larger bite. All Nash could say as he stuffed his mouth with more chocolate was, “Told ya.”

Episode 2


As they both chowed down on tasty treats, they heard a noise from out in the large cavern. [Growling SFX for this?] It was like a rustling and then a gurgling sound. They both froze, staring at each other, not knowing what to do. The both of them noticed that the ring was starting to change from glowing green to glowing red. They looked down at the ring, then at each other. “That can’t be good.” Morgan commented. Nash looked around. “We should hide.” He decided. Morgan searched the room. “There!” she pointed “Behind that pile of backpacks and pillow cases.” They both ran over and dove underneath the pile of collected candy carriers, covering themselves. Then, they waited in silence. After a few moments, they heard the rustling getting closer, then the gargling noise again. Rustling. Gargling. Closer and closer it approached. Then it stopped. Morgan gently pulled down a corner of a pillow case to peek out. She could just barely make out what looked to be a humanoid shape, but one of the big wooden chairs was blocking her view. It wasn’t very tall and it appeared to be a bit stout. She could hear sniffing sounds coming from the creature’s direction. She realized that whatever was out there was smelling something other than chocolates and candy. It was smelling them. Meanwhile, Nash kept his hand with the ring in his pocket. The rings red glow was now pulsing furiously. As he looked over to see what Morgan was doing, he felt a tickle in his nose. “Oh nooo!” he thought to himself. “Not now, not now!” His allergies were acting up, especially down in these dusty cavern rooms. He raised his other hand to his nose to stop it, but it was too late. “Achoo.” Nash let out a quiet, startling sneeze. The creature heard this and moved towards the sound. Morgan ducked back into the covering, but could hear it advancing towards them and began to panic. It was only a couple feet away now and looked directly at them. The creature then, reached out towards them.

Episode 3


In a panic and not having any better ideas, Morgan jumped up and screamed as loud as she could, flailing her arms about. She stopped, frightened once she saw what the creature actually looked like. She had never imagined anything like this to ever exist. It was around three foot tall; a body covered in fur and almost rat like. The strange thing is that it had a human-like face, almost resembling a baby. Puffy cheeks and gentle, soft, blue eyes, which made you melt. Also, it had large, bat like ears. But of all that, the strangest thing, in her opinion, was that this creature was wearing a pair of camo shorts. HER camo shorts to be more precise. Actually, they were practically like pants on this weird, troll like creature. To her amazement, the creature ran out of the room, terrified. Frozen in fear, Morgan could not move. She still couldn’t comprehend what she had just witnessed. Nash popped out of the trash pile and asked… “Is it, is it gone?” No response. “Morgan!” He looked around. “What was it?” he asked. Still, there was no response. He gently shook her arm. “Morgan? Are you ok?” Finally Morgan snapped out of her trance. “What the…?” she quivered. “I don’t… I can’t… What the…?” is all she could fumble out of her mouth. “Morgan, what happened? What did you see?” Nash asked again, now even more frightened. Morgan turned her head towards Nash. She stared at him for a moment. Ordinarily, she was the brave one. She thought to herself. The one to hold it together, but this time, she had used up all her courage. This time, she was the scared little kid. She wanted to cry, but could no longer show her fear. She had to pull it together and be brave, for the both of them.

Episode 3


Morgan placed her hands on each of Nash’s shoulders. “Listen, what I’m about to tell you may sound unbelievable, but you have try to be open about it. I can’t find exact words to describe the creature that was right here in this room with us, but I’ll do my best.” Morgan went on to explain in as much detail as she could. At first, Nash did not believe her. But after thinking about how she was in shock from fear, he realized there had to be some truth to what she was saying. “What do we do now?” he asked. “I’m not sure just yet.” Morgan replied. “Stay here.” She told Nash as she walked out into the passage that led back to the large cavern. Keeping her flashlight off, she felt her way through the dark cave until she reached the cavern. She peeked out and did not see any sign of the creature. She flicked on her light and went back to Nash. “What did you see?” has asked. “Nothing, but I have an idea. Let me see your ring.” She said. “Why?” Nash questioned as he handed her the toy ring, now once again glowing green. “I think this thing can warn us if there is danger near, by the color its glow.” She said as she slid the ring on. But, once she did, it stopped glowing. “Hmmm.” She thought out loud. “Here, put it back on.” She handed the ring back to Nash. He took it and placed it back on his finger. The ring began to glow green, once more. “Sorry ‘bout this little brother, but you’re going to have to lead.” Nash stared at her. “I do?” He asked. “Yeah, apparently the ring only works for you. We’ll need it to tell us if there is any danger coming. So, that means you will have to lead.” Nash wanted to curse, but held his tongue. He accepted the fact that he had to lead and walked ahead. “Hold up a sec.” Morgan called out. Waiting, Nash watched as Morgan rummaged through some of the backpacks. She pulled out a couple pens from some, a notebook from another and some other gadgets. She then grabbed one of the sturdier backpacks and slung it over her shoulder. She also grabbed a few handfuls of assorted candies and stuffed them in the pack. “Ok, I think we’re ready now.” She said as they began to head out.

Episode 3


Cautiously, the two of them headed out of the cave and back into the large cavern. Nash checked the ring and it continued to glow green. “All clear.” He said. “Where are we going now?” “Well,” Morgan thought for a second. “We could try to go back.” “Back to the room with the ladder? Back to the window?” he asked with some relief. “Yeah, I don’t think I want to be down here anymore.” Morgan answered. With Nash in the lead, they made their way back to the cavern entrance and up the spiral corridor and continued on. When they arrived at the room with the big wooden door, they saw that the door was closed. Nash spoke first. “Umm, I thought we left this door open?” “Yes, we did. But we also know now that we aren’t alone down here.” Morgan stated. “I wonder if that creature you saw came back this way and closed the door.” Nash commented. “I don’t think so.” Morgan replied. “The creature I saw was much too small to close this door alone.” They both thought about this for a moment. “There must be another much larger creature!” Nash said scared. “Or a bunch of the little creatures. “ Morgan said reassuringly. “I would much rather it to be several smaller creatures. They seemed to scare easily enough. And the one I saw only knows I’m down here. Imagine their surprise when they find out there are two of us!” She looked at Nash. This seemed to re-instate some courage in him. “Yeah!” he shouted quietly. “Well, should we try and open the door?” He then asked. “Let’s give it a shot.” Morgan said and they both leaned on the door to begin pushing. They put all their weight into the door, but it would not budge. They stood, Morgan suggested that they both fall against the door and push with all their might. They did this and it had absolutely no effect. Morgan sighed. Nash asked her what this meant. “I guess this means we head back down to the cavern and hope that there IS another way out.” She told him.

Episode 3


They once again, returned to the large, mysterious cavern. They stood in the entrance trying to decide where to go now. “We could see what’s across that bridge.” Nash looked around and pointed to his left. “Or… we could see what’s in that room over there.” Morgan looked to where Nash was pointing. Past another large group of rocks, there was a normal sized wooden door in the wall of the cavern to the left of where they were standing. It resembled the larger wooden door that led them down here. “Well, we are sort of stuck down here.” She thought to herself. Guess it wouldn’t hurt to do a bit of exploring. Besides, if they pass up one door, one hallway, they could very well be passing up their chance to get out of there. “Alright, let’s go.” Morgan said as she looked over at Nash’s ring. It was glowing green, which was a good sign. She held out her hand as a gesture for Nash to take the lead. He sighed, and then began making his way around large rock pillars, towards the door. When they arrived at the door, they both stopped and just stared at each other. “Still green.” Nash confirmed. “Then let’s see what’s behind door number two.” Morgan said in her best game show voice. She reached out and lifted the lever to open the door. It moved with a creak as it swung open [creaking SFX]. This room was well lit with candles and torches hanging from ceiling and walls. They noticed a wooden table in the corner to the right, much like the one in the Candy Cave. The room turned to the left and as they peered in that direction, they could see the walls lined with book filled shelves. “A library?” Morgan stated curiously. Nash went over to look at some of the books. He grabbed a particular book and read the title, “Guitars and You.” Morgan glanced at him, then uttered, “Wait, what?” “Guitars and You.” Nash repeated. Morgan walked over to Nash and snatched the book from his hand. She opened the cover to look inside. She stared in disbelief, and then looked at Nash with both fright and concern showing on her face. Without saying a word, she turned the book around to show Nash exactly what she was looking at. “That’s… that’s your signature!” Nash exclaimed.

Episode 4


The two continued to look around the library and noticed that there were many, many books of theirs. Ones they originally thought that either they had lost or their parents had thrown out. “What in the world is going on here?” Morgan questioned. “I don’t know, but this is becoming very creepy.” Nash replied. “Judging by the fact that a lot of our Halloween candy was in that cave, along with pillowcases and more that we used to carry it in, I would have to say that this creature appears to be some sort of scavenger.” “Yeah.” Nash agreed. “It’s a scavenger of OUR stuff.” With that in mind they continued to look around the room, reminiscing some of their favorite books. After a few minutes, Morgan pointed out, “We’re wasting too much time in here. There is no way home from this room, we need to move on.” They both picked up one or two of their favorite books that they wanted back, placed them in the backpack Morgan grabbed from the Candy Cave and returned to the cavern. “Now, where to?” Nash questioned. Morgan looked around the huge cavern. Noting the large, standing rocks that sort of created pathways around the place, and began to scribble in the notebook she grabbed a while ago. Curious, Nash asked, “What’cha doing?” “I’m drawing a map of this cavern and labeling the rooms we’ve been in. That way, if we need something or whatever, we know where to go.” “Good idea!” Nash regarded. After a bit of sketching, Morgan returned the notebook to the backpack and advised that they try the other side of the cavern, before attempting to cross the bridge. Nash agreed and they moved out.

Episode 4


Navigating around the rocks, they returned to, what they were now calling, the main entrance. There was another group of rocks almost forming a wall, to the left, as they faced the entrance. There was also a path that of course, led in that direction. They followed it. They arrived at sort of an arched gate structure made of stone. The wooden gate doors were wide open. Peeking through the gate opening, the path appeared to lead to a large open area where there seemed to be a sort of campground. Tents or hut like structures encircled a central oversized campfire pit. At first, it appeared that it was empty. There was no movement, and there was no fire burning. Morgan also noticed that this area of the cavern was much darker. As if the illumination of the cavern didn’t glow or reach over here. The two of them slowly approached the closest hut and peered in. Towards the back there was some sort of mat or weave carpet on the floor, that could be a bed. The floor itself was made of sticks laid side by side and plastered together with mud-based cement. There was a small table in the center with a single small stool. There were objects strewn about the place, objects that looked very familiar. “This is our stuff!” Morgan exclaimed. “Well, most of it is anyway.” They looked at each other thinking about everything they’ve seen down here. Morgan spoke, “So, these creatures are scavengers, I’m guessing. They come into our house and steal our things and we just assume they’ve gotten lost. That much we know. What we don’t know is why.” “I think I can answer that.” A voice came from behind them. Both Morgan and Nash nearly jumped out of their clothes and spun around to see a man standing behind them; an old looking man; a human man.

Episode 4


The old man, who looked about sixty-something, was bald and had a very long beard. He was dressed in what appeared to be a leather cloak of some sort draped around what looked like a very old suit. What was even more odd, and even somewhat funny, is that he wore pink fuzzy slippers. He noticed the two of them staring at the slippers and commented. “Oh, these, well, they’re comfortable.” He chuckled and smiled. “Come, let’s go to my hut. I will explain all I can there.” He instructed. They followed him through the tiny village and beyond, to the old man’s dwelling in the darkest part of the cavern that they’ve seen thus far. There was a much larger hut illuminated from within, resting against the back of the cavern. The old man entered and the two teens followed. The inside of the hut was very cozy. There was a fireplace to the left with a comfortable looking chair in front of it, a dining table with a couple of smaller wooden chairs in the center of the room and a sort of kitchen on the right. They could see an archway in the back of the hut that was covered by a sheet. “Have a seat.” The old man told them. “I’ll make some nice warm cocoa for us.” They sat at the table and both scanned the front part of the hut. “Oh, I nearly forgot, my name is Similak.” The siblings looked over at Similak and Morgan made introductions. Similak greeted them with a nod and a “nice to meet you” and then returned to making the cocoa. The two continued to examine the interior of the homestead. Morgan noticed there were a pile of books next to the chair by the fireplace and walked over to them. “Oh, those,” Similak said. “Those books taught me a lot of information about the upper world. Come, sit, I’ll explain.” Morgan returned to her seat and Similak placed a tray with 3 tea cups on the table and pulled a stool over to sit with them. Morgan noticed that the cups that Similak was using were hers. A very old tea set she had many years ago.

Episode 4


Similak began his story. “First, I see you’ve noticed the tea set. I can only assume it was yours by the expression on your face.” Morgan nodded and Similak continued. “Yes, well, I have nothing to do with it being here. You see, these creatures that live down here are sort of scavengers. They’ve been down here for, what I can only estimate, hundreds and hundreds of years, possibly even thousands. From what I gathered, they once used to live above ground, but something forced them down here.” Similak took a sip from his cup and continued. “They speak some English, but it can be difficult to understand.” He then pointed to a machine near the entrance to the hut. “That is how I learned to speak. It’s a vinyl record player. I’m sure you’ve seen these before, though you probably don’t use them anymore. I have a collection of records with stories, music, radio broadcasts and even educational ones that teach to read and write. Not much else to do down here ya’ know.” Similak chuckled a bit. “Similak, what do you mean you ‘learned to speak’?” Morgan asked confused. “I was getting to that and please, call me Sim.” He smiled as he went on with the story. “I was not born here as I’m sure you guessed. I was brought here when I was about two or three years of age. I’m not exactly sure, but I do know that I was abandoned as a baby. These creatures brought me here and raised me. I call them Incola-terrae. It’s Latin for ‘Ground Dweller’.” He took another sip of cocoa. “I cannot pronounce their name in their native language, but they don’t seem to mind.” Morgan looked at Nash and he nodded for her to go ahead. “We sort of actually met one of these crea… umm… Incola’s,” Morgan informed Sim. “Yes. I know.” Sim said. “The one that you surprised came back to the village and warned the others that an outsider has made their way down here. So they immediately had the door sealed and then ran off to the main city to seek the council’s advice.” “Wait! Main city?” Morgan gasped. “This isn’t it? This cavern isn’t the end of it?” Sim smiled, stood then walked over to the fireplace and sat in the comfy chair. “No… No my dear, this is just a very, VERY tiny piece of the world down here.”

Episode 5


After stirring the coals in the fireplace to create more heat, Sim waved for the two teens to come and take a seat next to the fire. “This place, this world down here is very much like the world above. There are cities down here, cultures, and many different races of beings.” Nash and Morgan glanced at each other a little frightened by the last comment. “Oh, not to worry kids.” Sim reassured them. “Most of the creatures down here don’t make it this far out to the gathering portals.” “Gathering portals?” Nash questioned. “Yes. These areas, these hubs if I may, are located in thousands of places. This is where the Incola have access to the outer world for gathering food, supplies, trinkets for bartering, and whatever else they find interesting. They gather, bring their finds here to a gathering portal, separate and organize it all, then take what they need to trade into the main city.” “The main city. Is that what’s across the bridge?” Morgan chimed in. “Well, yes it is. But I do not recommend you going over there. Stay away from the bridge. In fact, we are going to get you two back home where you belong.” Sim stood and went to the back of the hut and through the sheet covered doorway. Morgan looked at Nash and said, “Do you get the feeling that Sim is getting paranoid?” Nash nodded. “I’m not sure, but something changed when I mentioned the bridge. He all of a sudden seems to be in a hurry to get us out of here.” At that moment, somewhere far off, there was a loud rumble, almost like a large train was passing through the walls of the cavern. Sim appeared in the doorway to the back area. “Come, we must go… now!” “What was that sound?” Morgan asked. “One of you must have already been to the bridge. The bridge alerts the main city of outsiders, and if considered a threat they, send the Custodes.” Sim turned the teens towards the door and told them to go. He followed behind.

Episode 5


Heading through the village camp, the three moved quickly, but cautiously. “What is a Custodes?” Nash inquired. “The Custodes are the Guardians’ of the Main City. They are sent out to investigate and cease any possible breach to the subterranean realms.” “I was on that bridge over an hour ago. Why haven’t they come sooner?” Sim just looked at her with a grim look, “Does it really matter?” he said and waved at them to keep moving. They reached the gateway to the village camp and once again heard the loud thundering noise. “They’re getting close” Sim said in a panic. “They’ll be in the cavern soon. We must move faster!” They traveled through the stone pillar walls and turned left towards the main entrance to the cavern. There was a loud “ROAR” from behind them. Morgan turned to look back… “Don’t look back!” Sim warned. “They’ll see your face!” The three of them closed the distance to the main entrance. “We can’t open the big wooden door!” Nash screamed. “This is pointless!” Just as they started up the spiral tunnel, Nash couldn’t resist, he just had to look back. He just had to see the Custodes. When he did, he froze in terror or was it something else. Sim grabbed Nash by the arm and pulled him up the spiral. Nash never stopped staring. Morgan now grabbed Nash’s other arm and both her and Sim pulled Nash all the way up the Spiral tunnel and into the long hallway before the room with the wooden door. “Will the Custodes make it this far up?” Morgan asked frightened. “They won’t come this far. The spiral is too narrow at the top and they won’t fit. But, this doesn’t mean we are out of danger just yet. Hold him tight, we’re almost to the door.”

Episode 5


Once they reached the door, Sim let go of Nash’s arm and grabbed something from under his cloak. It was sort of like a stone key, circular and flat at one end, cylindrical on the other. Sim knelt down and placed the stone in what appeared to be just a natural hole in the wall near the bottom of the door. He now took out a dark piece of wood that was almost shaped like a flathead screwdriver, but with no ordinary handle. He slotted this perpendicular into the stone piece and turned it. There was a loud “Click!” He pulled both of these objects from the wall and returned them to his cloak. “There. The door is unlocked. Now, let’s get it open.” Morgan sat Nash down against the wall as he continued to stare down the hallway as if in some sort of trance state. Then she leaned against the door with Sim and they pushed as hard as they could. The door slowly swung open. Morgan lost her balance fell to the ground. Sim, able to keep his balance, moved inside the room and began to pull something out of his cloak when he looked over at Morgan. He shouted, “Where’s your brother?!” Morgan still dusting herself off pointed to the hallway wall where she sat Nash down. “He’s right ther’… ” She began when she realized that he was no longer there. “I just sat him there against the wall. He was fine!” she cried out. “You let go of him?” Sim said somberly. “Your touch, it was all that was keeping him from returning to the cavern.” “I gotta go after him!” Morgan said as she broke out into a run down the hallway. “Stop!” Sim yelled. “You cannot catch him now. And… you don’t have the means to get him back.” Morgan stopped and bent to her knees. Under heavy breath, she panted “Then what can we do? I need to go get him!” Sim, closing the door behind him, went to meet her down the hallway. “There is only one way now.” He said, “We need to have council with Incola. Only THEY can help you now.”

The End

©SL Sullivan 2011

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My Winning Story, “Caretaker”

Winner of the last Death Throes Webzine contest.


Late one Saturday evening, Roger and Louie, brothers in their late teens, made their way through the woods. They were searching for an area that they had been told about, but never been to. They were not very popular with the other kids in their town, but this endeavor was hopefully going to change that. Frankie, the self appointed leader of the cool kids, dared them to spend the night at cemetery in the woods. Louie thought this would definitely make them popular.

“Where is this place at Lou?” Roger asked.

“Frankie said it’s in a clearing about a half mile north of the bridge at Dead Water Creek.” Louie answered him. “We’ll be there soon, since we passed the bridge about twenty minutes ago.”

“I don’t get why we just didn’t take the road?” Roger whined.

“The bridge on the main drive washed out over thirty years ago.” Lou stated.

The two continued on until they arrived at the edge of the woods. There in the clearing, stood a small white house. Behind the house, were rows of old, deteriorated headstones. The boys stopped at the house and stared for a moment. It looked old in style, but doesn’t look like it had aged. In fact, the area surrounding the house and the cemetery, all looked somewhat maintained. Sure the grass needed mowed, but it wasn’t overgrown like one would expect after several years of being un-maintained.

“I thought you said no one lived here.” Roger said.

Confused, Lou commented back, “Well, not that I believe it, but the story says the caretaker that died here, his ghost is still caring for the area. But, that is just a story. I think that a relative nust keep up the place.”

“But, you said the bridge was washed out. How would they get here?” Roger asked, feeling uneasy.

Lou just shrugged at his little brother and motioned for him to follow. They walked over to the graveyard area. Lou pointed to an area that resembled a pathway separating the graveyard. “Here”, he said and pulled a blanket out of his backpack. Roger joined him, pulled out his own blanket and they both set up a sort of camp. Lou lit his lantern and said, “It’s getting dark, so now we wait.”

“Tell me the story about this place.” Roger said.

Lou replied, “I don’t know all the details, but…”

Lou went on to tell the story of the caretaker who lived here back in the mid nineteen-fifties. He was a solitary man that was content with his care-taking job. He was the most pleasant individual you would want to meet, unless you disrespected his cemetery. The younger troublemakers would come into the graveyard late at night and throw parties, leaving behind trash and defacing the headstones. The caretaker, shovel in hand would scare them away.

On one night, there was a unruly group who were so wasted, they fought back. They chased the harmless caretaker into his house and began beating him. The tough-guy of the bunch, took his shovel and struck the caretaker across the head, knocking him to the ground. The kids all left, not knowing that they had actually killed the man until later, when his corpse was found in the exact spot they left him. To this day, the story remains that if you disrespect the cemetery grounds, the caretaker will come for you.

“Of course… it’s just a old urban legend.” Lou finished.

“Whoa.” Roger whispered.

Lou checked his watch and noticed it was nearly midnight. He pulled out a sandwich and nodded to Roger, “Six hours until sunrise. I’m going to eat and get some sleep.” Roger agreed and did the same.

Frankie and crew hid in the woods, waiting for the brothers to fall asleep, so that they could scare them into leaving, losing the dare. Frankie didn’t want these two hanging out with them, ever. Frankie told Dani and Sarah to move around to the right of the cemetery so that they would be above the brothers. Frankie and Todd were going to approach from the woods straight down from where they were sleeping.

Carrying aluminum bats they sneaked up close to the brothers, ducked down and began slamming headstones all around them, making loud banging noises and startling the brothers awake. The girls, wearing sheets to look like ghosts, began making whoo’ing sounds and started down the path.

Lou and Roger jumped up. Looking around they saw the two girls coming down the path. They turned to run, but something else caught their eye, another figure coming up the path towards them, carrying a shovel. He was pale and his clothes looked outdated. They both looked at each other, knowing exactly who it was. They turned back toward the two white’ish blobs making the whoo’ing sounds and saw that it was, with their sheets removed, two girls, terror upon their faces.

Frankie and Todd on the other hand did not stop banging the headstones. In fact they were now dancing around banging them in a sort of rhythm, oblivious to what was going on. Frankie looked over at Todd to call out to him when something large and round flew by him. Frankie watched the object to where it landed and froze in horror. It was Todd’s head! He turned to look back at Todd and saw his headless torso flop to the ground. Just as he went to run, he felt the blade of a shovel pierce his stomach. In disbelief, he looked down and witnessed the shovel continue through until it hit his spine. Then, the shovel began slowly backing out, carrying several bits of his stomach and blood with it. He followed the handle of the shovel to the owner. There was a man, almost skeletal in appearance, standing before him, waving his index finger back and forth.

“Naughty boy.” It said in a long, drawn out moan.

Frankie dropped to the ground, lifeless. Roger, seeing this, decided to take a hint from the girls and run. Lou who grabbed his arm.

“No, wait.” Lou said. “We didn’t do anything wrong.”

Roger looked at him like he was crazy, but it was too late. The caretaker now blocked Roger’s path, standing there, staring at both of them.

The caretaker lifted two fingers to his forehead and said, “Have a good evening.” And then walked back towards the house.

The End

©SL Sullivan 2013