About the site:
Tales from TheeUnseen is just that. These are stories that are mostly scary or thrilling and basically all fiction (though I do research some material to have some base reality).

Though I have taken to mostly writing now, I did do some pod-casting.

Some people may not understand what a “Podcast” is. A “Podcast” is like an audio book , only it doesn’t have to be a complete book. It can be a short story or a complete novel or anything in between. (A podcast can also be several other applications as well – i.e. talk show, etc.)

Most of these tales here are short stories, but TheeUnseen story itself is going to be a complete novel that I hope to one day have published. My stories range from children (or family friendly) to adults. I clearly label which is which so there is no mistake, both on the site and at the beginning of the podcasts.

About Me:
I am a person of many talents, too many to be perfectly honest.  I am an artist, both on paper and digitally as well as 3D.  I originally went to school at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Computer Animation Multi-Media, which opened me to many more medias than I expected.  I learned filming, directing, video editing, audio editing and so much more.  Immediately after graduation I was thrust into  the game development community, which is exactly where I wanted to be.  I worked for top tier companies like Take Two and others.  I hopped from one place to another, eventually turning to freelancing from home.  When that slowed to almost nil, I decided to try other medias, such as filming and eventually, writing/pod-casting.  It is more hobby at the moment, but I would love to have a book (or several) published at some point.

I appreciate ANY and ALL feedback. I need to know how I’m doing so that I can make these stories more enjoyable for everyone. So, please take a couple minutes to leave your thoughts.

Lately I have been working for a company called ZombiesandToys.com. I am the lead designer as well as the Senior Retail Sales Executive.

More about me:
I’m a gaming geek.  I love games. Always have since the Commodore 64 was introduced into our house back in the mid eighties.  This also turned me on to video game art (although pixelated as all can be, back then).  I started drawing when I was a wee lad.  I would draw such items as cars,  monsters, castles, dragons and more of the similar.  Of course, back then it was all pencil and even crayon at times.  There wasn’t digital drawing tablets like I have now.

As we moved up through game systems; Atari, Nintendo, etc.  I became more and more interested in the gaming field.   After high school, I went to the city tech school for Mechanical Drafting & Design.  I took maths like calculus, trig and even Physics.  It was art-like, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do.  I didn’t graduate because I had lack of interest in the field (of which I’m still paying for to this day).  Years later, I married and worked in the computer installation gig for a large bank corporation.  When I was laid off from there, I decided to go back to school for what I really wanted to do… that was, Computer Animation Multi-Media.  I learned an abundance of skills including; filming, video editing, audio recording & editing, lighting, camera positioning and of course… two dimensional and three dimensional digital art.  I’ve had my art published in software manuals and more.  I’ve won contests with my artwork.

Upon graduation I was hired immediately.  Out of a choice of a couple different companies,  I chose Take Two Interactive and immediately began working in the gaming field.  I worked on such games as “The Black Dahlia” (PC) and “BassHunter 64″ (Nintendo 64) as well as many others since.  When they closed our development house down, I turned to freelancing (at home and on site).  I continued to work on game art until I started volunteering for start-up companies.  Soon, I wasn’t getting payed and it all fell to pieces.  I’ve fallen behind in software updates and upgrades and just can’t compete from home any more.  Where I live, there aren’t many, if any, game companies around.  I would have to move, but having a family makes that difficult.  So, what did I do next?  I turned to writing, something I’ve always done in my spare time, but never really finished anything.  So, here I am, writing, podcasting and drawing/painting for you, Jane & John Q Public.  Yes, I’m not bringing in the green with this, but I’m hoping to get published someday, whether it be my stories, or my artwork, or both.  I could go on and on about more, but I’ll save that for another “in-between” time.

Thanks for reading…

SL Sullivan



6 responses to “About

  1. TUS

    Thanks for following the blog. I hope you enjoy the work.
    I will have to check out your podcast
    I am a big Tekdiff fan!
    I listen to podcasts everyday.

    • My pleasure. I may write fiction that can sometimes be quite gory and horror filled, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to unwind a little with a poem or story about life. Ya know? – lol

      I’m going to have to update my “About” post… I’m actually going to start uploading my works in “printed” form for so people who like to read shall do just that. Thanks for visiting!!

      -SL Sullivan

      • Love it! I love that you are 1) working to reform depressive/anxious tendencies (which is *no* small feat at all), 2) enjoying smiles from both yourself and others, and 3) encourage your fellow writers/humans. Fantastic! 🙂

      • Thanks. It definitely is no small feat. I had some help through therapy and meds. I’m starting to enjoy life as I should always have been. And people such as yourself make it so much more enjoyable.

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