As the title says, in the meantime, while we’re waiting patiently for the author to get his next story and/or art complete, I’m going to expose a little about myself.

I’m a gaming geek.  I love games. Always have since the Commodore 64 was introduced into our house back in the mid eighties.  This also turned me on to video game art (although pixelated as all can be, back then).  I started drawing when I was a wee lad.  I would draw such items as cars,  monsters, castles, dragons and more of the similar.  Of course, back then it was all pencil and even crayon at times.  There wasn’t digital drawing tablets like I have now.

As we moved up through game systems; Atari, Nintendo, etc.  I became more and more interested in the gaming field.   After high school, I went to the city tech school for Mechanical Drafting & Design.  I took maths like calculus, trig and even Physics.  It was art-like, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do.  I didn’t graduate because I had lack of interest in the field (of which I’m still paying for to this day).  Years later, I married and worked in the computer installation gig for a large bank corporation.  When I was layed off from there, I decided to go back to school for what I really wanted to do… that was, Computer Animation Multi-Media.  I learned an abundance of skills including; filming, video editing, audio recording & editing, lighting, camera postitioning and of course… two dimentional and three dimentional digital art.  I’ve had my art published in software manuals and more.  I’ve won contests with my artwork.

Upon graduation I was hired immediately.  Out of a choice of a couple different companies,  I chose Take Two Interactive and immediately began working in the gaming field.  I worked on such games as “The Black Dahlia” (PC) and “BassHunter 64” (Nintend 64) as well as many others since.  When they closed our development house down, I turned to freelancing (at home and on site).  I continued to work on game art until I started volunteering for start-up companies.  Soon, I wasn’t getting payed and it all fell to pieces.  I’ve fallen behind in software updates and upgrades and just can’t compete from home any more.  Where I live, there aren’t many, if any, game companies around.  I would have to move, but having a family makes that difficult.  So, what did I do next?  I turned to writing, something I’ve always done in my spare time, but never really finished anything.  So, here I am, writing, podcasting and drawing/painting for you, Jane & John Q Public.  Yes, I’m not bringing in the green with this, but I’m hoping to get published someday, whether it be my stories, or my artwork, or both.  I could go on and on about more, but I’ll save that for another “in-between” time.

Thanks for reading…

SL Sullivan


5 responses to “Interim

  1. Hey we started off the same with video games… Except that i never wanted to make them.

    Are there many online ventures/jobs that are available for a professional such as yourself?

    • Yes and no. There are a lot of opportunities online, but finding the right one is a “shot in the dark”. There are so many start-up companies that want you to volunteer your work until funding begins. Problem is, most of them become vaporware. I’ve tried at least three start-up’s with the promise of getting paid… but they all fizzled. I’m actually looking to change my career path.

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