MusicShake Battle of Songs

Have you heard of it?  Well, I didn’t until a couple days ago.  It’s fantastic!  I’ve always loved making music … I’ve played guitar, drums, bass and keyboard in the past.  This site ( lets you create all types of songs to publish and be downloaded (for free until June).

Moving on…

I’ve created a couple songs, but only published one.  I’ts already been challenged to a “Battle of Songs”.  So I’m reaching out to you my dear Blogger friends to help solidify my success by asking you to vote on my song, “All Systems Go!” … all you have to do is visit the following link and make sure you vote on the “Defender” … that’s me. Of course, if you really like the Challenger’s song better, then be fair and vote for it.  I’ll be disappointed, but I like to play fair.



SL Sullivan (Shadowraythe)


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