“Clink Clank” (Full Story)

Authors Note:

I was supposed to post “part 2” this past Saturday, I had it copied and ready to paste, but something came up and I didn’t get back to it.  What I decided to do instead was post the entire story as a whole.  That way anyone can just read it all or skip ahead to part two if you remember what happened in part one.

[PS: If you’ve already listened to the podcast version, then you may want to re-imagine it in your own mind by re-reading the story.]



Alice came home late from work one night.  She paid the babysitter and went upstairs to check on her kids.  She first went to check on her eight year old daughter, Jessica.  Slowly she opened the door and saw her little girl all curled up in a ball, wrapped in her covers.  She smiled and closed the door.  Alice then went across the hall to check on her six year old son, Ben.  He was lying across the bed with his head on a pillow hanging over the edge.  She almost chuckled out loud before quietly closing his door.  She made her way down the hall to her bedroom, entered and closed the door behind her.  She changed into her bed clothes, brushed her teeth, turned out the light and went to bed.

Around midnight, Alice woke to a loud “Clink-Clank, Clink-Clank.” sound.  She immediately jumped up, remembering how Ben was laying on his bed.  Alice ran to his room thinking that he may have fallen and struck his head on the floor.  When she got to his room, and entered, Ben was still in the exact same position he was earlier.  She noticed that he still had his plastic tap shoes on and that his feet were up against the wall.  Again she heard, “Clink-Clank, Clink-Clank.”  That is when she realized it must have been Ben’s feet bumping off the wall.  She went over to him, carefully removed his shoes and turned him around so that he was lying with his head at the top of the bed.  Satisfied, Alice went back to her bedroom and lied down to sleep.

A little while later, she heard the “Clink-Clank, Clink-Clank,” noise again.  Once more she checked on Ben and saw that he was still lying normally.  She then decided that perhaps Jessica may be kicking the wall, so Alice headed over to her room. “Clink-Clank, Clink-Clank,” went the sound again.  She hurried across the hall and saw that Jessica was lying against the wall, tossing around holding  her school recorder.  Relieved, Alice let out a sigh, and went over to adjust Jess so that she was no longer against the wall.  She removed the recorder from her hand and left.  As she headed back to her bedroom, she heard it again, “Clink-Clank, Clink-Clank.” “This is crazy!”  She thought to herself.  Frustrated, she went back and checked on both children and both were in there beds, away from the wall.  “Clink-Clank, Clink-Clank,” What was it this time?  Becoming somewhat frightened now, she cautiously went downstairs to see if she could find the source of the sound.


As Alice reached the bottom of the steps, she heard it again, “Clink-Clank, Clink-Clank.” The noise sounded louder this time.  She moved cautiously through the kitchen.  “Clink-Clank, Clink-Clank.” The sound grew even louder.  She moved through the living room. “Clink-Clank, Clink-Clank.”  Again, it became louder and definitely much closer now.  Alice became more frightened.  She searched around, but could not find anything that would be creating this now, very, scary sound.  “Clink-Clank, Clink-Clank.”  It was as if the sound was right in her ears now. She moved towards the entryway. “CLINK-CLANK, CLINK-CLANK!”  “It must be coming from the other side of the front door”.  She thought to herself, as she undid the deadbolt and moved her hand toward the doorknob.

CLINK-CLANK, CLINK-CLANK!”  She could feel the vibrations of the sound emanating from the door.

CLINK-CLANK, CLINK-CLANK!”  She slowly turned the knob.

CLINK-CLANK, CLINK-CLANK!”  She felt the door click and release.

CLINK-CLANK, CLINK-CLANK!”  She prepared to pull the door open.

CLINK-CLANK, CLINK-CLANK!”  With a deep breath and a nervously shaking hand…

She yanked the door open and screamed!

Standing in the doorway, Alice stared out in disbelief.  Trees, houses, roads and more rushed past.  She looked downwards where her sidewalk should be and all she could see was a blur of gravel and dirt racing by.  There was a loud “Whoooo!” sound along with the “Clink-Clank, Clink-Clank.”  But the clinking and clanking began to slow down. “Clink-Clank… Clink-Clank; clink-clank… … clink-clank.”  She became dizzy and then passed out.

In a panic, Alice jumped awake in her seat as she peered out the window.

“Last stop!” the Conductor called as the train slowly pulled into the station.

The End

Thanks for reading!

SL Sullivan


5 responses to ““Clink Clank” (Full Story)

  1. Well you had me wondering till the last paragraph, I even stopped with the world passing by and wondering if someone stole her house, a flood, hurricane, tornado…. I think to much.

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