Zombie Fans:

These are just a few of the sites, etc. that I would like to share. If you haven’t already seen them, please check them out. They are some great and interesting Zombie fun.

First we have my top Zombie sites and podcasts:

“We’re Alive” – is what I feel to be the absolute best Zombie Podcast out there today… Full cast and a great story make this a MUST. We’re Alive FaceBook

“Zombies & Toys” – is a site I frequent that offers a wide variety of Zombies and, well… Toys, just as the title suggests. They have a Zombies & Toys FaceBook as well.

“All my Friends are Zombies” – is a very cool concept of a fully illustrated Zombie guide. Also All my friends are Zombies FaceBook is available.

Zombie Fest 2011 Pittsburgh Pictures – One of the biggest Zombie gatherings… I try to attend every year.

“What Zombies Fear” – is an interesting story surviving the Apocalypse.

Some other podcasts and sites I enjoy are:

Zombie Chronicles
Monroeville Zombies
“Dead Mech” is a series by Jake Bible. You can find it in book form at such places like Amazon or you can listen to the podcast on iTunes.


3 responses to “Zombie Fans:

    • I agree. When I discovered “We’re Alive” I was amazed and excited at the fact that this was being done. I grew up listening to (re-runs) of old radio shows.

      I still listen to Old Radio Shows like “The Shadow”,” X Minus One”, “Dimension X”, “Sherlock Holmes”, “Suspense”, “Inner Sanctum” and many more. I have a bunch on my iPod.

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