Three Palms Completed and Uploaded!!

Ok folks, the day has arrived for my first story that is in .PDF format instead of audio podcasted.  Three Palms is my story with a fantasy twist that actually took place. I hope you all enjoy it. You can find it in the menu above if you ‘hover’ over “Written Word” tab, it will appear under that as “Three Palms – PDF”.

PLEASE, please let me know what you think. If you like it, please invite others to visit here and take a read for themselves. Hell, even if you don’t like, tell them to read it anyway. Possibly their taste are different… heh heh.

Also, I accept any and ALL criticism… I may not always agree with it, but I will at least consider suggestions or comments.

Please enjoy this and if you haven’t already, please take a listen to some of my podcasted stories.


SL Sullivan


2 responses to “Three Palms Completed and Uploaded!!

  1. This story was truly very very enjoyable! The way you wrote it kept me on edge, and the whole plot was awesome. I actually thought this was a true story with the creature up until you said it spoke :/ lol BUT THAT MEANS IT WAS REALLY GOOD !

    Your awesome, keep writing and recording. Please don’t stop unless you run out of things to write ❤

    • Thank you!! I’m glad you liked it. I tried to keep a decent pace with action and fright.

      I do plan on continuing my writing, not sure about recording (podcasting) yet, we’ll see.

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