Ok, so I’ve no…

Ok, so I’ve noticed that not very many people are listening to my podcasts. I’ve decided that for the time being and being that I don’t have “a lot” of time, that after I finish recording “Crawlspace” episode 5, that I will no longer be “podcasting” my writings. I am still currently writing TheeUnseen the book, and will eventually be putting it up on Amazon as a “free” eBook. I will post the chapters here as well as free downloads in Word format for anyone that may be interested in reading them. Podcasting/recording takes a lot of time for recording, re-recording, editing, producing, etc. I feel, currently, that my time would be more productive if I just concentrated on writing only.

Thanks all to who did listen/download!!

Peace Listeners!


2 responses to “Ok, so I’ve no…

  1. I’ve also decided that if you would like me to continue to podcast my stories… PLEASE let me know. Let your voice be heard here. I may reconsider if I get enough people to respond. Other than that…

  2. Ooops. Sorry I hadn’t listened to them. I don’t listen to any Podcasts. What is it about anyway? I’ll listen to the first ones and tell you what I think.

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